Complete Care Advanced Technology

Navigator Dental Laser

This Laser can eliminate bleeding, reduce numbing, remove bacteria, uncover implants, repair oral ulcers, and recontour or repair gum tissue with precision and speed. The Navigator saves you time in treatment and means healing time is greatly reduced.

Digital Radiography

Provides enlarged images on monitors for early detection of at-risk areas while reducing radiation exposure up to 90%. Images are available immediately without chemical development for an environmentally-friendly process.

The Wand Anesthesia Delivery System

Rather than an injection for numbing, this pen-like device creates a painless pathway for anesthesia and delivers it at a pace that provides a comfortable numbing process.

LumiBrite Professional Whitening

Want a whiter, brighter smile in just 30 minutes? You can have one, in complete comfort! LumiBrite Professional Whitening is specially formulated to prevent sensitivity, so sit back and relax while your smile takes on a dazzling new look!

Armour Bite®

Custom mouthwear designed to unlock your body’s instinctive reflex system – teeth clenching – for an athletic edge. When you train and compete, your natural reaction is to clench your jaw. This compresses the TMJ (jaw joint), which produces stress, fatigue and distraction. Armour Bite (a member of the Under Armour® line of performance apparel) is designed to prevent clenching. It pivots the jaw forward to relieve pressure on jaw joints so you can achieve your full athletic potential.

ProSystem Endodontics

Whenever you need a root canal, there’s no need to cringe. ProSystem Endodontics creates a precision process that saves you time while optimizing your comfort.

Casey Education Presentations

Casey is like watching television, but gives you all the information you need for dental health options, caring for your oral health and prevent problems from occurring in the first place. Plus, you’ll be an informed consumer when it comes to making treatment decisions.

Intra-oral Cameras

A small, pen-shaped instrument contains a camera that sends images of specific areas inside your mouth to a large screen for easy viewing.

Large Screen Monitors

Mounted so patients have a comfortable view from the treatment chair, these large viewing monitors show crisp, clear images of specific areas inside the mouth.

Advanced Sterilization

Heat sterilization system exceeds standards required by OSHA and the Center For Disease Control.