Straighten Teeth To Improve Smile’s Appearance & Oral Health

Posted on Dec 07 2017

For those of us who still use a broom, we like the ease of movement and the way that the flexible broom straws can flick out dirt particles from tight spots. However, we also know

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Take Special Measures With Your Smile If You Have Diabetes.

Posted on Nov 16 2017

Diabetes is a metabolic disease that complicates the body’s ability to process insulin. The result is the abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates, fats and proteins. Because of

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Schedule Year-End Appointments Soon To Save Time, Maximize Benefits

Posted on Oct 26 2017

Yes, it’s still October. We haven’t even celebrated Halloween. Yet, look at the calendar. There are only 60 days left until Christmas! As the year winds down, many peop

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Why Moms-To-Be Need Healthy A Smile.

Posted on Oct 13 2017

With pregnancy comes a long list of precautions. In order to increase the potential to give birth to a healthy baby, today’s mom-to-be now adheres to dietary restrictions, ab

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Having A Dry Mouth Opens Door To Gum Disease

Posted on Sep 13 2017

When you think about an ideal environment for bacterial growth, you’d assume it’s one where it’s dark, moist and warm. Right? That’s pretty much the case, w

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