Schedule Year-End Appointments Soon To Save Time, Maximize Benefits

Yes, it’s still October. We haven’t even celebrated Halloween. Yet, look at the calendar. There are only 60 days left until Christmas!

As the year winds down, many people who have dental insurance realize their annual benefits are about to expire. For those who do not have insurance coverages, many want to utilize remaining Health Savings Account (HSA) funds before the end of the year deadline.

Still, other individuals wish to accomplish certain smile goals before another year arrives. Some people also want to enjoy the holidays with friends and family having a more confident smile. Others hope to utilize leftover vacation time or personal days for pending dental care.

Whatever your reason, we are here to help. However, we can help BEST if you schedule early. There are several benefits to early scheduling.

Keep in mind that some dental treatments require more than one visit to complete. For those who have dental insurance, we need to be able to schedule these according to what will maximize your benefits.

For example, we may be able to perform certain stages of treatment this year and complete treatment after the first of the year. This allows you to enjoy 2017 coverages along with new coverages available in 2018 for one treatment (such as dental implants, crown-&-bridge, cosmetic dentistry, Invisalign, etc.), giving you a double dip!

We also offer payment plans, some with no down payment required and no interest. These allows you to have the smile you desire while making easy monthly payments that are within you budget. However, applying and qualification make take time. Call soon so we can discuss the payment plans available and how these can be combined with other coverages.

Early scheduling also allows you to pick and choose the appointment times that best suit your schedule. Often, we can help you combine several visits into one long appointment, if preferred. Oral sedation provides added relaxation throughout lengthy appointments. Early scheduling can help you plan for a sedative by securing a companion for your visit.

Can you imagine a better holiday gift to yourself than having a more beautiful, confident smile?!!! A smile is a gift to others as well since a beautiful smile is shared more often with others. And imagine those holiday photos! Say ‘cheese?’ With pleasure!

If you’ve delayed dental visits or would like to discuss accomplishing the smile you desire, call 219-987-5733 – but please call SOON! Our schedule fills quickly at this time of year and we want to make sure you have convenient appointment times while maximizing your dental dollars.