Straighten Teeth To Improve Smile’s Appearance & Oral Health

For those of us who still use a broom, we like the ease of movement and the way that the flexible broom straws can flick out dirt particles from tight spots. However, we also know that certain corners and tight angles make it nearly impossible to uproot some of the dirt and dust.

This is pretty much the same case when you brush teeth that are crooked and crowded. The tight angles that crooked teeth create make brushing less effective, since doing an effective job when reaching into these areas is a challenge each time. And, bacteria that is not removed frequently simply multiplies.

As oral bacteria accumulate and reproduce, the potential for damage to teeth (in the form of cavities) and gum tissues (leading to periodontal disease) is much higher than for people with straight teeth.

When people have straight teeth that are properly aligned, brushing and flossing can be performed much more effectively. This means that oral bacteria is kept at manageable levels, helping you to avoid the time and expense to repair problems that could have been avoided.

Yet, most people who are considering straightening their teeth are interested primarily for the esthetic benefits. We agree! When teeth are in proper alignment, a smile is more attractive. Yet, in addition to being easier to keep healthy, straight teeth provide benefits that reach far beyond your mouth.

Teeth that are misaligned can lead to a wide range of problems, typically originating with the TMJ, or jaw joints. TMJ is an abbreviation for the temporo-mandibular joints. These joints are located just in front of the ears on each side the head.

The TMJ hinges the lower jaw to the skull. It open and closes often and is in motion every time you eat, drink, speak, yawn or sneeze. As a matter of fact, try to swallow without moving these jaw joints. It’s quite the challenge!

When these joints move harmoniously, it is because they are in balance. However, these joints are inter-connected with a number of other structures — facial bones, muscles and nerves. When teeth are misaligned, it can trigger a domino effect that can lead to many problems, some seemingly unrelated.

TMJ disorders can lead to headaches, migraines, jaw joint soreness, difficulty opening the mouth fully, ear ringing, dizziness, sore head and neck muscles, and jaw popping. Bite misalignment can also cause night-time clenching and grinding, which can result in worn, chipped or broken teeth.

Some bite misalignment can be resolved simply through the reshaping of selected teeth, which may or may not require crowns. Other misalignment may respond well to an oral appliance worn at night. However, most bite problems require the realignment of teeth through orthodontic treatment.

Because of the discomfort associated with brackets and wires, teens and adults alike often dread treatment through traditional braces. Fortunately, we offer an alternative that is comfortable, convenient and eliminates the awkwardness that  comes with ‘metal mouth.’

Invisalign 2 | Smile Your Best Dental DeMotte IN

Invisalign straightens teeth without brackets and wires

Invisalign is a clear mold that gently guides teeth into proper alignment. The patient wears different sets of the mold that are custom designed to his or her realignment needs. The molds are clear, so they are typically undetectable and are removable for eating and brushing.

Invisalign can also move teeth at a pace similar to that of traditional braces, and faster in some cases. Too, the Invisalign system is far more comfortable and is ideal for adults to wish to avoid the awkward look of braces. They are also more practical for teens who are active in contact sports. Without wires and brackets, the risk of damaging lips and cheeks during play is greatly reduced.

If you are interested in the benefits of straight teeth and the convenience and comfort of Invisalign, call for a free consultation. We can help you determine if realignment is needed, and if so, how Invisalign can resolve your misalignment. While you’re here, we can also discuss easy payment options. Some require no down payment and are interest-free.

Have the smile you want AND improve your oral health AND help to avoid problems originating from bite misalignment and TMJ disorders. Straighten teeth through the Invisalign system to achieve a healthier, beautiful smile you’ll love to share! Call 219-987-5733.