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A Dry Mouth Increases Risks For Oral Health Problems.

Saliva is more than just moisture in the mouth. It is also the first stage of the digestive process and helps you to chew and speak. Having a dry mouth on occasion happens to all of us. Occasional dry mouth may be caused from consuming alcoholic beverages or coffee. The aging process can leave people…

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Have Healthy Gums To Lower Risk Of Alzheimer’s Disease

It seems we all know (or know of) someone who has been affected by Alzheimer’s disease. Whether it’s the afflicted individual or family member of someone with Alzheimer’s, we witness what a devastating disease this is to entire families. The World Health Organization cites that about 36 million people globally are affected by Alzheimer’s disease.…

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Don’t Let Arthritis Complicate Your Oral Health.

In the U.S., the number one cause of adult tooth loss is periodontal (gum) disease. According to the Centers For Disease Control & Prevention (CDC), over 47 percent of American adults are living with some level of gum disease. For those who are 65 and older, this figure jumps to 70 percent. As devastating as…

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Dental Implants Can Replace Teeth, For Life!

The human body is designed to provide us with two sets of teeth during our lifetimes. We begin with a set of “baby teeth” (known as primary teeth) as we start to eat chewable foods and to aid in speech. As small bodies grow rapidly, a new “permanent” set of teeth emerges to replace the…

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Cola. Soda. Pop. “Soft Drinks” Are HARD On Your Smile.

Advertising would have you think that a cola is a refreshing drink. And, we seem to buy it. It’s estimated that nearly half of all people in the U.S. drink soda every day and Americans consume 7.5 billion gallons each year. But, should you be drinking it? As a dentist, I want you to know the…

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If You’re Afraid Of Dental Visits, Let Us Help.

Just about everyone is afraid of something. Some of us are terrified of snakes. Others are afraid of spiders. Some people are scared of dogs. Symptoms of fear are natural reactions to something that causes the brain to send a warning signal. For example, if a mean dog bit you when you were a child,…

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