Today, we Americans have become accustomed to having many choices. And, we like having things quick and easy! We can dispense boiling water almost instantaneously out of a tap or even change our eye color by popping in tinted contact lenses.

In our modern world, dentistry has also kept pace with the many advancements to improve a smile.

Modern dentistry offers many ways to enhance the appearance of teeth through whitening, porcelain veneers, crowns, and straightening. In addition to smile enhancements, the choices are many when it comes to replacing teeth. And, we can often replace natural teeth in just one or two visits using our highly-advanced technology.

Dental Implants: The ideal tooth replacement option today is a Dental Implant. Because the implanted portion is supported by the jaw bone, they restore the biting strength and stability of natural teeth. Using our advanced technology of CEREC 3D, we can custom-create replacement teeth in our office while the patient relaxes comfortably. CEREC restorations (replacement teeth) are ceramic. They provide a natural look, feel, and function with exceptional longevity. The teeth attached to the implants do not move when eating or slip when laughing – no more embarrassment! And, no more uncomfortable rubbing on tender gum tissues. Because Dental Implants do not need the support of neighboring teeth, the integrity of natural teeth is protected. Dental Implants are also an excellent investment. With proper care, they are designed to last a lifetime.

Crown-&-Bridge: In years past, the combinations of crowned teeth and a bridge of replacement teeth has been a common way to replace one or several teeth in one area. Unlike Dental Implants, which are self-supporting, a bridge relies on the crowned, natural teeth on each side for support. And, unlike Dental Implants, the Crown-&-Bridge option requires natural teeth on both sides for placement. This option, with the excellent look and feel of porcelain, can be created to blend beautifully with adjacent teeth. In our Demotte dental office, our advanced techniques and technology can often create a bridge in a single visit as the patient relaxes comfortably. This eliminates the need for a dental lab to make the restorations, saving our patients weeks of time. This also eliminates the need to wear a temporary as well as having a second appointment to have the finals placed. An added perk is that the CEREC process cuts numbing requirement in half since a second appointment is not needed. With this technology, you can walk out of our office with your final porcelain crowns and bridge beautifully in place, often in just one visit!

Partial Dentures: Using our advanced technology, we are often able to create and place a partial denture in one visit. A “partial” replaces several missing teeth. The replacement teeth are generally secured to existing natural teeth, typically held by a gum-colored base. A partial is custom contoured to fit the curve of your gums and blend attractively with natural teeth and gums.

Full Dentures: For people who are missing all upper or lower teeth, a full denture is still a preferred method of replacement for some. A denture is custom-made to restore the look of a full smile and the ability to chew and speak comfortably. While not as stable or long-lasting as Dental Implants, dentures can provide a more affordable option to smile and eat. As the jaw bones that once held natural tooth roots declines in height (and the foundation of a denture), relines can be done when (or if) they begin to slip. This change in the shape of your jaw bones is due to bone shrinkage, known as resorption. (This process is avoided with Dental Implants since they help to halt the process of bone loss due to missing tooth roots.)

At Smile Your Best Dental, we strive to create an ideal treatment plan for each patient who is facing tooth replacement. There are many choices, through our skilled care and advanced technology, to provide every individual with an outcome that fits specific needs and goals.

If you are missing teeth, replacing them is very important. Areas where there are open spaces from missing teeth can lead to misalignment of other teeth. As remaining teeth tilt and turn, the fit of upper teeth to lower teeth becomes compromised, contributing to further tooth loss as well as chipped, broken, or fractured teeth.

Although there are exceptional options to replace teeth today, people find the costs can vary greatly from dental office to dental office. Please remember that there is a reason for these “bargain” rates. Cheap prices typically mean that corners are cut and the quality and longevity are sacrificed. The results, ultimately, can compromise appearance, proper function, and overall satisfaction. Select the replacement option that is the best for you with a dentist you trust.

When fees seem out of reach, ask us about payment plans. We offer several, with most allowing patients to break their total fee into easy, monthly payments (and some with no down payment and interest-free). This means you can enjoy the benefits of your new smile at a pace that is manageable to your budget.

Begin with a no-cost, no obligation consultation appointment. Call 219-987-5733 to schedule this private conversation to discuss options that are best for your needs.