Our bodies are designed for balance that allows us to function properly. For example, if one leg is longer than the other, our gait may adjust to it, although the disparity can eventually show up by putting strain on the spine, resulting in pain or damage to knee or hip joints.

The makeup of your teeth also relies on proper balance. Even though misalignment may not be obvious, when upper teeth do not rest harmoniously on top of lower teeth, it can lead to a number of problems – some that extend far beyond your smile.

Straightening teeth is often pursued with the goal to provide a more flattering smile and enhance one’s overall facial appearance. An attractive smile improves facial appearance and also causes people to smile more often.

However, there are many other advantages to having straight teeth.

First, when teeth are properly aligned, they are easier to keep clean. Crooked, crowded teeth tend to create angles that are difficult for a tooth brush to reach. When oral bacteria accumulates in these tight spots, the result can be cavities or a higher risk of gum disease.

Additionally, straight teeth can eliminate risks to teeth and other structures that are closely integrated into one’s ‘bite.’ This is what enables the teeth to fluidly move together when chewing and speaking. With an improper bite, teeth can ‘strike’ one another harshly, resulting in chips, fractures, and breaks.

Without a correct bite, the jaw joints can also become stressed, which can lead to TMJ Disorder. This condition can cause:

• Worn, cracked or chipped teeth   
• Frequent headaches, migraines and sore jaw joints   
• Ear ringing   
• Feeling off-balance and dizzy at times   
• Clenching and/or grinding teeth during sleep   
• Pain in facial, neck and shoulder muscles

When bite misalignment is minor, it may be resolved through the gentle reshaping of selected teeth. In some situations, crowns may be recommended to adjust the height of certain teeth. More severe bite problems may require orthodontics to move teeth into proper position.

In our Demotte dental office, we offer tooth realignment for adolescents, teens and adults. We also offer Invisalign and Invisalign Teen, an especially appealing option for adults and teens involved in sports.

Invisalign is a ‘clear’ tooth alignment system that is removable for eating and brushing. It also omits the discomfort of traditional ‘wires & brackets’ braces.

For adults who have only minor alignment issues, porcelain crowns may be advised. Crowns can often be designed to compensate for positioning or height to provide a balanced ‘bite.’ This creates a beautiful smile without the commitment of time required for straightening.

We prefer crowns (‘caps’) of porcelain because of its highly-natural look and feel. Porcelain has a luminosity and opalescence like that of teeth. It is superior for its longevity and staining resistance compared to any material in cosmetic dentistry.

And, porcelain crowns and veneers can beautifully recreate a smile in just two appointments, for most patients.

Enjoy the health and appearance benefits of straight teeth. Call our Demotte dental office at 219-987-5733 to schedule a free consultation appointment or tap here to begin.